Since 1994, we've been investing in category-defining technology companies.

We've been investing in technology companies since the internet ran on HTML layout tables and dial-up connections. Our team and advisors have held executive roles at iconic technology companies, founded category-defining startups, and pioneered technologies that support the internet and modern software programming.

We are operators, investors, and most importantly - partners with entrepreneurs.

The EPIC Ventures team was with me since the beginning at Mozy and Instructure. They’ve been an ideal investor from the earliest stage onward.
— Josh Coates, Instructure / Mozy


Our Story

Early stage venture capital isn't new to us. With roots in Silicon Valley, our mission for two decades has been to partner with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages and bring capital outside the Bay Area. Since then we've built a reputation as partners and advisors helping entrepreneurs build teams, find customers, raise additional capital, and ultimately build lasting businesses.

In twenty years our mission hasn't changed. We're as driven as ever to find and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

EPIC Ventures has been our trusted partner in growing our business from startup to category leader.
— Mike Sands, Signal

Our Focus


We focus primarily on Series A financings, though we've partnered with strong founders as early as pre-idea seed rounds and as late as $100MM growth equity rounds. We reserve significant capital for follow on and work with our companies from inception to exit.


We look for companies with a competitive advantage based in technology, but first and foremost we believe in strong founders.

We've made investments across the IT stack, as well as in ecommerce, consumer applications, and security.


In twenty years our investment thesis has taken us across the nation to find category leaders. We've made investments in almost every major US city and actively look outside of Silicon Valley for exceptional entrepreneurs.