Chris Stone




Christopher Stone has more than 30 years of experience in software development and pioneering open source solutions for the enterprise. Christopher is responsible for engineering, DevOps, and product management of the Acquia Platform, helping lead the expansion of the company’s suite of SaaS solutions for building and managing integrated digital experiences.

Prior to Acquia, Christopher was a Managing Director at EPIC Ventures. Previously he was CEO of SiCortex, maker of high performance Linux computers, and StreamServe, a European-based document management company that was acquired by OpenText. With Eric Schmidt, Christopher was part of Novell’s 1990s turnaround during his tenure as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, and later served as Novell’s Vice-Chairman and co-CEO. Christopher founded Tilion, a pioneer in cloud computing. He also started the Object Management Group, which innovated the concept of object oriented computing (a standard called CORBA) within distributed systems. Christopher started his software career at Data General. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Christopher received his MBA from Harvard Business School and earned a certificate in advanced office systems engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.